The new 820-square-foot building will serve as a fueling station for the Clayton County Government fleet. Four gas and two diesel pumps under three canopy-covered islands. In addition the facility will have an office, cold weather room, two storage rooms and a back up generator.

October 2023: Contractors are completing the final smaller projects, and the gas tanks will be filled and tested in preparation for opening the fueling center in November.

September 2023: Construction of fueling center is nearing completion. A move-in date has not been determined.

August 2023: The cladding has been placed on the fueling center’s exterior and the fuel and electrical lines have been installed. The columns are in place and ready for pump canopies to be installed.

July 2023: Work is progressing on the new Clayton County Fueling Center located behind the Clayton County Jail on Tara Boulevard. The fuel tanks arrived on site in June and installation is complete. Roofing materials and paneling are also on site and ready for installation. Additionally, the staff is awaiting approval from Georgia Power for electricity installation.

June 2023: Grading at the center continues and installation of the inground fuel tanks is on schedule. Builders have added an additional water barrier to the building while contractors lay utility pipes.

May 2023: Inspections at the facility continue as portions of the building are completed. The contractors are installing the HVAC duct work at the new fueling center.



$5.4 million

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