Per customer requests, the locker and shower rooms at Lake Spivey Recreation Center are being overhauled to include improvements to the main area shower drainage and shower in the family room. New epoxy flooring is also planned for the location.

July 2023: The upgrades, that included new tiling, flooring, painting and fixtures, are finished and the locker rooms have been opened to the public. Replacement shower partitions will be installed by mid-July.

June 2023: The floors have been completely laid and are now cured and all tile has been installed. The locker rooms have been painted and cleaned in preparation for reopening sometime this month.

May 2023: The floor preparation has been completed, However, before the first layer of epoxy can be poured staff must bring in portable air conditioners to keep the rooms at a steady 65 degrees. The low temperature is necessary to allow for curing of the first layer before continuing on to the next.



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