Green Space - Phase 1 - International Park to Reid Stephens Park Completed

Green Space - Phase 2 - Reid Stephens Park to Lake Spivey Golf Club Completed

Green Space - Phase 3 - International Park Crane Road Entrance to Waverly Drive

Green Space - Phase 4 - Southern Perimeter International Park at Walt Stephens

These trails will connect to form a series of walking trails open to the public. Green spaces preserve the natural trees, grass and vegetation of an area. These areas will give Clayton County residents the opportunity to visit urban areas that are now set apart for recreational and natural enjoyment of the outdoors. The environmental benefits that green spaces provide include filtering pollutants from the air, shade that lowers temperatures, reduced soil erosion and natural resource conservation.  The construction of walking trails gives Clayton County residents access to these green spaces which improve the quality of life in communities.  These green spaces and trails improve the economy through tourism and civic improvement and preserve and restore open space. These spaces provide opportunities for citizens to engage in physical activity to improve their overall fitness and mental health.

SPLOST Phase 4: International Park Greenspace

The Clayton County Parks & Recreation Department is working to remove trees along Walt Stephens Road to install a concrete path.  Trees will also be planted along Crane Road, Walt Stephens Road, and Winston Way.  A pedestrian bridge will be placed along Walt Stephens Road at a new entrance to the park.  For more information and to obtain plans for Phase 4 of the trail and Special Purpose Local Options Sales Tax (SPLOST), you can access:

Trail Development Plans

Bid Documents




Commission District

District 4

Design Firm

The Path Foundation

Served by Commissioner

Commissioner DeMont Davis

Construction Firm

Phase 1- Lewallen Construction Co., Inc.

Phase 2- Integrated Construction & Nobility, Inc.

Phase 3- To Be Determined

Phase 4- To Be Determined

Construction Completion

Phase 1 - International Park to Reid Stephens Park  July 2017

Phase 2 - Reid Stephens Park to Lake Spivey Golf Club March 2018

Phase 3- To Be Determined

Phase 4- To Be Determined