The Lake Spivey Trail System features four extraordinary bridges, two across lakes, one over a ravine on a golf course, and one over the entry into the International Park. This trail connects the J. Charley Griswell Senior Center to the new Lake Spivey Recreation Center and several adjacent neighborhoods to park facilities. This relatively flat 5.4-mile trail is ideal for recreational and natural enjoyment of the outdoors.

The environmental benefits of the green spaces include filtering pollutants from the air, providing shade that lowers temperatures (reducing soil erosion), and conserving our natural resources. The connected trails bring people together from all races, ages, income levels, and cultural backgrounds. These spaces allow citizens to engage in physical activity to improve their overall fitness and mental health. This connectedness improves the economy through tourism and civic engagement and preserves and restores open green space.

The new pedestrian bridge and path along Walt Stephens Road provides easy access to walking, riding, or biking along the connected trails.

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