Renovations of the VIP Complex at International Park integrate outdoor spaces while maintaining a multi-functional facility for arts and entertainment. Other enhancements include additional covered seating, event administrative space, dressing rooms, additional concessions, re-design of restrooms, backstage facilities, and vendor kiosks.

July 2023: Final design drawings are expected to be received in July. Following a review, the search for a building contractor will begin.

June 2023: A meeting between architects and county officials was held resulting in Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau updating design drawings based on comments from staff. In addition, comments from the Clayton County Water Authority are being taken into consideration for design.

May 2023: The county is waiting for documentation to use the existing stormwater pond at the International Park for the amphitheater building, per Clayton County Water Authority requirements to finalize the facility’s design.

August 2023: Complex designs are nearing completion. Architects are currently making final revisions. Following completion, the project is expected to be placed out for bid.



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