Clayton County utilizes more than 700 vehicles in support of public safety operations, including first responder vehicles.  First Responder vehicles alone exceeded an average age of more than 6 years and close to 100,000 miles.  As the age and mileage of vehicles increased, so did annual repair costs and the amount of vehicle downtime due to repair.  Vehicle downtime is an important concern to ongoing public safety support.  Safety concerns also increase as the age of the fleet increases.

Joint funding was approved to use both SPLOST and capital fund sources to begin replacing the aging public safety fleet.  Prioritization was given based on vehicle age and mileage. This will reduce annual cost to maintain and repair vehicles, reduce major repairs and, improve vehicle availability.  In all 227 public safety vehicles are being replaced among the Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, and Fire/EMS Department. Of these 210 are funded by SPLOST and 17 by the General Fund.




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