The Virginia Stephens House on Walt Stephens Road next to Spivey Splash was purchased by the county with the intent of making it a community use space. Work on the home consists of closing the property’s well, removal of damaged trees, installation of a new septic system and new front porch railings and columns. Planned carpentry repairs and new flooring are slated for the inside of the home.

December 2023: The structural repairs to the home including chimney and roof stabilization, replacement of front porch and rear deck, are now finished. The final list of repairs has been determined such as paint touch ups and garage door seal replacement before the project is considered complete.

November 2023: Following the rebuilding of the front porch, stairs and back deck of the home, the exterior railings have been installed on the porch. The contractor, J.H. Kinard, is restoring the home’s original chimneys to include replacing decaying mortar to strengthen their structural integrity.

October 2023: Repairs to the outside walls and the back porch rebuild have been finished. The front porch has been removed and the rebuild has started.

September 2023: The carpentry work has started inside and outside including new flooring, a new rear deck, and updates to the front porch. Repairs are also being made to the chimney.

August 2023: Carpentry work has begun starting with the home’s front porch. In additional, masonry work to restore the home’s chimneys has been approved.

July 2023: The septic system installation is underway with completion expected by the second week of July. Carpentry work is scheduled to begin mid-July to restore the home’s front porch, replace the deck in the backyard, and repair the interior stairs and doors. Finally, project managers are in the process of finalizing the cost for the flooring that will be replaced.

June 2023: The Request For Quote period has closed for carpentry services at the Virginia Stephens House. The services include repairs in crawl spaces and attic, rear deck replacement, front porch restoration, door repairs and interior stairway railing improvements.

May 2023: The former homestead’s old well has been filled and sealed and the design of the new septic system is under way. Building and Maintenance staff will begin selecting new flooring to be laid alongside the home’s original floor.




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