Welcome to Clayton County! Where the World Lands and Opportunities Take Off.

New welcome signs will be strategically placed at the North, South, East, and West entrances of the County. The welcome signs will showcase the County's new brand and image to welcome and engage our citizens and visitors when entering the County, including the airport area.

April 2024:  Three Clayton County Gateway signs have been designed, created and installed by DeNyse at Interstate 85 (Exit 71), Interstate 285 (Exit 60), and Interstate 75 (Exit 238 B southbound) An additional four signs are expected to be completed by mid-May and installed by the end of May along Clayton County corridors.

March 2024: The signs are in the fabrication stage and faux stone is being added. The first sign is scheduled to be installed in April.

February 2024: The signage is being manufactured and installation estimated to begin in April.

January 2024: Seven sign locations have been established. DeNyse, the sign vendor, stated the sign drawings are in their final stages and materials are being ordered for fabrication. Installation is tentatively expected to begin in mid-March starting with Exit 71 on Interstate 85.

December 2023: DeNyse Fabrication has submitted a timeline of four months to produce and install the gateway signage following the Georgia Department of Transportation’s issuance of a permit expected by the end of December 2023.

November 2023: The gateway signs have been approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The county is in the process of securing liability insurance for each sign. Once obtained, GDOT will provide the county with a maintenance agreement to be signed by the Board of Commission chair and a fabrication and installation timeline will be submitted.

October 2023: The designs and proposed locations are in the final approval process from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

September 2023: The designs and plans are in the vetting process of the Georgia Department of Transportation. When approved, the signage will be installed at the following locations: Interstate 85 at exit 71; Interstate 285 at exit 60; Interstate 75 at exit 238B; Interstate 75 at exit 235; Interstate 675 at exit 7; and Interstate 75 at exit 231.

August 2023: The sign design has been amended to reflect the Georgia Department of Transportation’s request to remove the words Welcome To. Final designs are awaiting approval by GDOT.

July 2023: The gateway signage designs that will incorporate the county’s new logos are complete. Corridor locations have been identified and are under review with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

June 2023: The site package has been submitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation and is now in GDOTs review process.

May 2023: The county’s proposal package is ready to be sent to the Georgia Department of Transportation for location approval.




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