The senior center’s interior is receiving a complete renovation to include bathroom upgrades, interior lighting replacement, installing a new washer and dryer and interior wall and ceiling finishes to include wall patching and painting. A new entrance canopy with two new ADA compliant ramps for accessibility will round out the exterior renovations.

June 2024: The invitation to bid on the contract to construct a new front canopy is planned for release in mid July 2024.

May 2024:  Plans for the center’s front entrance canopy have been submitted to Central Services who will create and publish an Invitation to Bid.

April 2024:  Plans for the center’s front entrance canopy have been submitted to Central Services who will create and publish an Invitation to Bid.

March 2024: A package to solicit bids for construction of an exterior canopy is under review. When complete, the recommended changes will be made, and the package will be sent to Central Services for final review.

February 2024: The interior flooring, ceiling, and painting projects are now finished. Planning, Design and Construction is assembling a proposal for an exterior canopy.

January 2024: Floor remediation in the front portion of the building is scheduled for Feb. 9-13 and floor installation will resume on Feb. 14. Designs for the building’s front entrance canopy are under review.

December 2023:  Interior upgrades including new walls, paint, lighting and electrical have been completed. Replacement of the flooring is on hold pending environmental testing in the front portion of the building.

November 2023: The drywall installation and painting are completed, and most of the floor installation will be done by Dec. 1. While pulling up the carpeting in the reception and conference area, flooring installers discovered the old vinyl composite tiles were also being pulled up, triggering the need for environmental testing to ensure health and safety of building occupants.

Work within the building can continue because the flooring is sealed for now, however, the safety testing will delay the completion of the flooring in the front of the building.

October 2023: Crews are installing the ceiling access panels. Otherwise, the ceiling is finished, and floor installation will begin.

September 2023: Contractors are working on the ceiling and drywall installation. Electrical installations are set to be finished by the end of the month. Flooring installation will begin when the interior updates are finished.

August 2023: Restoration of the facility’s interior walls and ceiling are ongoing. Once completed, new flooring will be installed.

July 2023: A revamp of the building continues with design concepts for the exterior canopy in progress. The new canopy will provide shelter to those entering and exiting the building. Additionally, the projected includes a covered drop-off area. Meanwhile, the new ramps are finished and open to the public.

June 2023: Exterior wire repairs have been completed at the site and plans for the facility’s new canopy plans have been submitted. The Invitation to Bid to provide wall, ceiling and painting repairs closes on June 2.

May 2023: An Invitation to Bid has been posted for the remaining indoor work which includes wall and ceiling repairs as well as painting. The exterior entrance canopy design is pending final review.




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