The 103,000-square-foot, three-story Clayton County Administration Building will be located on an 18-acre parcel of land on Old Poston Way in Jonesboro. The facility will be home to several county departments including the Board of Commission, Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Communications.

July 2023: County leaders are discussing the possibility of adding a pocket park to the campus. Design plans are under review and will include suggestions and requests from the Board of Commissioners.

June 2023: A meeting is scheduled this month with designers, Nelson Worldwide, to review restroom accessibility. The county and City of Jonesboro are still working together to establish zoning.

August 2023: Proposed interior design revisions have been gathered from various departments and will be sent to Nelson Worldwide Architectural Firm for plan adjustment.


$40 million

Commission District

District 2/Felicia Franklin

Design Firm

Nelson Worldwide

Served by Commissioner

Chairman Jeffrey E. Turner and All Commissioners